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Luxury Travel Las Vegas

Personlized luxury travel Las Vegas tours in an SUV !!!

Tired of paying premium prices just to go on a crowded, hot and stuffy tour bus? Why not take a personlized luxury tour in one of our SUVs? You even get your very own personal tour guide. This is by far the best low-cost luxury travel Las Vegas has to offer. Our knowledgebale and friendly tour guide will pick you up VIP style from your hotel, and spend an entire day giving you a personalized tour of Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, Red Rock, Hollywood and many other destinations and attractions. Not only will you get to meet celebrities, you'll feel like one too.

Our luxury travel tour vehicles come standard equipped with: Air Conditioning, Leather Reclining Seats and LCD monitor w/ DVD so you get to have all the luxuries you deserve.

Whichever tour you book with us, whether it's Las Vegas to Hollywood, Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam or Red Rock, we make certain that you are as comfortable as possible on your tour.

Greg Cortes, Owner


Mind blowing views of incredible landscapes

Tour buses can ony take you so far, and there are limitations to where they're allowed to go. But once you're in our SUV, we take you to places you'll never get to see from a tour bus. Our friendly tour guides are very knowledgeable and experienced. They will educate you on every view of every landscape and attaction they bring you to, that way you get the full experience of what a real tour should be like.

At Quality Tours, we pride ourselves in providing the best value for the money. That's why your comfort and entertainment is import to us. We make abosultely certain that you have a unique experience. Sure, you could go for an average experience - like one you'd expect from renting your own vehicle or from taking a bus tour. But, if you read the reviews on our website and on Trip Advisor, you'll soon learn, like so many others, that this is one tour you definitiely don't want to miss out on.

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