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Warner Bros VIP Tours

Las Vegas to Hollywood Warner Bros Studios Tour

Only a handful of Hollywood movie studios offer tours. Fortunately, the Warner Bros VIP tour is one of them - and it may well be the best overall studio tour available to the general public. Unlike the Universal Studios tour, guests here aren't herded aboard monster trams by the thousands, and driven through theme park rides. At Warner Bros, the VIP tours are far more personal, limited to small groups of twelve people. And the studio back lot that you see is the real thing. However, the tour is also one of Hollywood's best-kept secrets. Where Universal processes millions of tourists each year, only about 120 people a day discover the Warner Bros tour.

You and your tour guide ramble about in a small tram resembling a golf cart; you are allowed to stop and get out of the tram to inspect many of the sets up-close, and your guide is always nearby to answer any questions you might have. The tour is much more extensive and authentic than the superficial, indoor tour at NBC Studios. And although the WB tours last two full hours, you don't have to spend all of that time on your feet, as you do during the Paramount Studio walking tour. The Warner's back lot is also a lot more colorful than the Paramount property. When Warner Bros says "V.I.P.," they're not kidding. This tour originally began as a way to show some Very Important People around the studio back lot. When you run a Hollywood movie studio, you never know who is going to drop by. In October of 1954, Queen Elizabeth paid a backstage visit to Warner's and toured the set of their movie, Then there were the visiting politicians and corporate sponsors who expected to be shown around the studio when they came to Hollywood. Eventually, Warner's decided to expand the VIP tour to include members of the public as well.

During this tour, you are surrounded by Hollywood history at every turn. There's always an opportunity to see or meet real Hollywood celebrities.

Greg Cortes, Owner

Vegas to Hollywood Warner Bros VIP Tour

First, we treat you to a fabulous lunch at the Warner Bros Cafe. You get to choose from one of four lunch stations: Salad bar, Vegetarian and Cold Sandwiches, Carvings (turkey, chicken, roast beef or ham) and 2 vegetables sides, or Grill chicken fingers, burger or fried chicken sandwich (a hot or cold beverage is included).

The tour begins at a small visitor's center where the tour operator checks you in and purchases your VIP tour tickets (you must bring $49 cash per person, tax is included). You can spend you're waiting time checking out a handful of exhibits on display, such as the troll from the first "Harry Potter" movie, and props from TV shows such as "Smallville" and "ER". Before the tour, guests are shown a 15-minute film chronicling the history of Warner Bros Studios, from the first talkie "The Jazz Singer", through to today's Matrix movies. The promo uses scenes from countless Warner Bros' classics, as well as rare bloopers.

Then you hop aboard the small carts, and ride to the new Warner Bros. Museum, which houses a treasure trove of movie memorabelia. At last word, the upper level was devoted to the first two "Harry Potter; movies, WB's most popular movie franchise. Visitors tell me, however, that they don't give you enough time to spend in the museum as you might like - only about 30 minutes. Then it's out to the carts again, to settle back for the tour. These trams seat only two across, so everyone has a good view as you roll through the vast 110 acre lot.

vegas to hollywoodvegas-to-hollywood-tour-walk-of-famevegas-to-hollywood-tour-signOnce the Warner Bros VIP tour is done, the next stop is the Hollywood Blvd. You can visit Grauman's Chinese Theatre, the Walk of Fame, Dolby Theatre (home of the Oscar's) and view of the Hollywood Sign.


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